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New Edition - more illustrations - more techniques

A5 size booklet with 16 pages

Containing detailed instructions for making:-Crosswheels.

   Crosswheel variations.   Beaded crosswheels.

  High tops and Dorset Knobs. Bird’s eyes - two methods.

Singletons.   Sea-urchin buttons.

Two pages of colour photographs

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The first Dorset buttons were High tops, made on a pasted fabric base then embroidered.
The craft of making them was lost with the invention of machines, but , re-discovered in the 1970’s.


Singletons are very easy to make, using a ring.
This is covered with fabric that is padded



Bird’s eye buttons can be made in two ways. They are a circle of blanket stitches over either a roll of muslin, or a ring of thread.














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